Hamilton ensures that your presence in the 'Paradise Papers' won’t distract you


During the first week of November came to light in the presence of Lewis Hamilton in the filtration of documents called Paradise Papers, which refers to transactions related to tax havens.

But Lewis Hamilton says he does not think to be distracted by such matters and will try to win again in Brazil, something that he did for the first time in 2016. “it’s Not going to distract me from my core values or what I have come here to do: win the Grand Prix of Brazil”, said in a statement picked up by BBC.

despite having got their fourth championship in Mexico, Hamilton believes that it is best to keep the concentration to continue working on everything that has made him a better rider this year. “Yes, the championship is achieved, but two are still racing. It is important to win to continue building what I have worked on this year. Now, if I relax and allow another to reach the glory, surely some will be happy, but it is not my intention.”, furthermore specifying that the dispute for the victory because it is not a question of two teams, but three. “Red Bull has increased its level and will be very strong, Ferrari has also improved, so that will be very close”.

it was Never my desire to match Schumacher, my goal as a child was to emulate Senna to his three titles.

Faced with the question of if has as its goal the record of titles of Michael Schumacher, Hamilton acknowledges that never thought of this, but that is currently enjoying as never before the competition. “I Want to continue getting pole positions, victories. It was never my desire to match Schumacher, my goal as a child was to emulate Senna to his three titles. I never imagined that we would exceed. I love to run and I am enjoying it more than ever, but there are other things in life that has to be a balance and with that I want to enjoy also. But I’m in no rush”.