Hamilton: “Formula 1 is broken and it makes no sense”


Lewis Hamilton had a day of contrasts in the seventh and penultimate day of testing at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The british pilot was out of the Mercedes W07 during the morning session in which Nico Rosberg completed 81 laps. After the break for lunch, the reigning World Champion got in the car the German firm to perform once again an extraordinary job. Lewis Hamilton finished in eleventh with a time of 1:26.488 marked with a pneumatic medium, although the most important were the 63 laps he was able to accumulate during the four hours he was on track.

The good feelings about the asphalt turned into a smile when he met the media and Lewis Hamilton was very critical of the decision making in Formula 1, even claiming in response to a question in which you are given a choice between several options at the time of defining the category: The Formula 1 is broken and it makes no sense. I’d probably say those two between what you suggested. Even so, I don’t want to say too much about it, but I agree with the first two options you said. MotoGP is more fresh, much more exciting to watch“.

In relation to your work on the day of today, Lewis Hamilton has been expanded further: Working well is more fun, because it feels like we have tried for eight days instead of the four that we are going to make. We are in a stronger position than last year, especially after the mileage accumulated. We have not taken the car to the limit, but I personally feel very comfortable at this time. We are in full construction of a pyramid, where the performance of a return is only the tip. We are creating a solid foundation with our test program and when larger it is, the higher you can reach”.