Hamilton goes to Ferrari as the team to beat in the first race


throughout the two weeks of test will happen predictions and, while in Red Bull point to Mercedes as the clear favourite, Lewis Hamilton has diverted attention towards Ferrari, the team that believes more in form by what we’ve seen until now in the test.

The british pilot also believed that Red Bull will also be in the intense and closed the dispute for the victory in the first Grand Prix of the year. “Ferrari are probably the favorites, we can’t take eye off you, you are doing a great job. And Red Bull seems to have gone very fast today, sure it will be very tight in the first race”, commented to the press after the lunch break.

Hamilton was unable to shoot as much as his partner after suffering a small tear in the floor of your Mercedes W08-and regardless of that, she could not be found at all comfortable. “I felt great this morning, but we had some problems with the temperature of the tires and the floor was damaged a bit, so I sacrificed part of my time for that Valtteri could roll this afternoon”, said Hamilton, who completed 49 laps by 86 of their colleagues during the afternoon.

Hamilton acknowledged that the sessions of test are not your preferred time of the season, and we would prefer to go directly to the first race without having to go through the process of evaluating the aerodynamics, the analysis of pneumatic or simulations of the race. “The test days are not really my favorites, I would jump to go directly to the first race”, said the british pilot.