Hamilton has felt “a little uncomfortable” with the management of Mercedes


The Annual Gala of the FIA has given much of himself, although the announcement by the surprise of Nico Rosberg and his withdrawal have cornered all the headlines. However, during the ceremony held in Vienna, Lewis Hamilton has also made a small ‘errand’ Mercedes, every time the british driver has been recognized that at certain times of the season has felt “uncomfortable” for the management that has made your team the fight that have been maintained by the title, Rosberg and Hamilton, battle that had its climax in Abu Dhabi with the strategy of slowing down the career of the british.

Asked if he felt unfairly treated by Mercedes throughout the season, Lewis Hamilton stated: there Have been cases that it felt a little uncomfortable. But, you know, maybe this feeling is normal when you compete as well, when you’re at the front for some time. In the end it is a complicated scenario for a team, I guess. it must Not be easy having two drivers fighting for the championship, but I also believe that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and from this experience you learn about others and about yourself”.

In line with this, Hamilton explained: I Think I probably drove with more heart this year than ever. I faced many more challenges along the way of what tends to be common. Tuve you dig deep, probably more profound than in other years when I got benefits and then disappeared. I would say that I put a lot more heart and the courage to face the challenges and can overcome them”. All in all, Hamilton concluded: “don’t look back, but usually I like to look at the positive side and learn from the negative things that I’ve had this year. I came away with more victories and podiums than anyone, which is great. It has been a year of incredibly successful for the team”.