Hamilton: “I do Not remember to have had a GP so difficult”


The british Mercedes driver has had to cope with to a Grand Prize of Russia very disappointing in all senses. Lewis Hamilton never managed to feel comfortable in the car and, to make matters worse, the engine gave problems from the start of the race, forcing him to slow down the pace so as not to suffer a breakdown.

But Lewis Hamilton detracts from the importance of such drawbacks, because it knows well that we wouldn’t have been able to roll at a rate high enough to dispute the victory. “From lap 5 onwards I had to slow down and stay fourth. I had to modify the parameters of the engine, cut one of the cylinders by the temperature, he lost seven-tenths, maybe a second per lap”. I went slow since Saturday, so really nothing changed. Perhaps it could have been a time with the head of the race, but with the set up I had, probably would not have lasted a long time”, ” he admitted with sincerity the british.

The disadvantage with Sebastian Vettel has now grown to thirteen points and Lewis Hamilton acknowledge that the weekend in Russia has been one of the most complicated to remember. “I don’t remember a weekend as hard as this maybe the last time was in Baku in 2016. I cannot explain it at this time, but I will work during the week to get it. I have some theories taking into account how I felt in qualifying and race, but you have to work at it to make it more clear”.

nevertheless, Hamilton calls for calm, it is in the second position in the championship and Sebastian Vettel did not come with an advantage insurmountable or much less, although it recognizes that it is essential to raise the level to stay in the fight for the title. “there is Still a long way to go, I am still second in the championship. It is not the end of the world, although, of course, that I have to recover the rhythm”.