Hamilton: “I don’t like that the other pilot be able to copy my data”


Lewis Hamilton has been the protagonist of the last interview organized by UBS, a global sponsor of Formula 1. Through the Periscope, the british pilot has analyzed the timeliness of the championship and has expressed the desire that has started to work with the new cars. All in all, the three-times World Champion, has placed special emphasis on the telemetry and in what is assumed to share the data collected on the track with its partner, box. In this aspect, Hamilton has confessed that doesn’t like to have to share his work, as any pilot present in Formula 1 you should take care to find the limits only.

I Go out, I do my laps and my work and the other pilot can see you. When we’re at the wheel, note the braking points, bumps, wear and tear of the tires. All of this helps to be faster” claimed Lewis Hamilton in this regard, to add: “And the other pilot you can copy those data. You say you brake five metres later and just have to try it. That is what I do not like, because it allows you to get closer. You couldn’t do something like that in karting, there yes you could shine. I’m not against that team’s engineers to share data, but I do not like that the other pilot be able to copy my data“.

The pilot of the Mercedes-AMG also remarked: I
you study because I am better
. If you hire a pilot because of his talent and in theory
you should be able to get out to the track and find the limits without help. If
feel like a pilot of Formula 3 in the simulator and you’re running, at the end
come to my telemetry. But you should find out for yourself. If not what can
do, it will not be good enough to be there
. And there are riders who do not.”
All in all, Hamilton also had time to design their Formula 1 ideal:
Would come back to something more generic. Do not put brake balance on the steering wheel.
I would like to have a change of gears normal, so that would take away the change