Hamilton: “I don’t think Ferrari is a bluff, they have done a great job”


Lewis Hamilton says he is confident that the performance shown by Ferrari in the pre-season test is completely real and will be one of the strong teams in the first races.

And for refrendarlo argues that its time for the final day of testing in Barcelona has been the best that could be aspired to Hamilton. The british driver stopped the clock in 1:18.850, and it was just eight thousandths slower than his teammate Valtteri Bottas, while Kimi Räikkönen got a time 1.2 seconds faster and without getting to use the tires ultrablandos that Hamilton himself used. “The time that we have seen today is that we could do. I have not had the feeling that I could have gone faster. But, of course, there are many things that come into play to slow down time, as the fuel load, the mapping of the engine, that sort of thing”, said Hamilton revealing that, although his time was the best possible, the circumstances of the car invited not to get the 100% of the possibilities of the same.

Hamilton, however, shows the contrary to mask the time with tactics like the one used Thursday for Vettel, who picked up the foot from the accelerator at the entrance to the goal to hide the real time that was able to do. “Each year in the test the goal is not necessarily to go as fast as you can, is to find what has the car. Some computers have hidden his performance in the past, but I can’t really see the benefit that you can have”, said Hamilton to the press shifted to Montmeló.

Lewis Hamilton, however, it is clear that Ferrari will be fast and that the performance seen in Barcelona would be similar to that seen in the Great Prizes. “The best thing is that no one really knows, it seems (a test) positive for Ferrari, that’s for sure, and I don’t think that to be a bluff. I think that it is real, have done a great job”, concluded Hamilton.