Hamilton: “I’ve learned a lot about myself this year”


Lewis Hamilton has had to confront this year a championship more complicated than I expected, since the technical problems that were also found in 2014 he has added a top performance of Nico Rosberg, who has finally taken the world title.

But Hamilton has made a positive assessment of what transpired in 2016 and claims to have “learned a lot about myself this year. I understood and found my weaknesses, that now I can improve for next year and some of them already I solved this year,”. The british driver believes that each year she has competed “to the fullest, but in the latter I put more feeling in others. I had more challenges, as to leave first and go back then from the eighth position. I had to try harder than other years in which came out first and disappeared. I’ve left the skin on to overcome the challenges that are popping up”.

In an interview with ESPN, three-time World Champion discusses his season and minimizes the poor performance he had in the Grand Prix of Europe. “I Read I don’t know where that Baku was a bad career to personal performance level, but it was only in classification. In the race I was stuck with a configuration of the maps engine they had selected the team and had no information of what was”, recognizing, however, that “in any way, there are careers that a priori had to be good, or that I could do this or that, or leave the best. Think if I could do it better is not something you do during the season, because you give him everything in the heat of the moment. I won the latest four races and I think that I wrote well over a year”.

Hamilton believes that his performance this year has been very good and, although it will endeavour to improve in 2017, he thinks the goal should be to improve the numbers of the season that has already ended. “I’ve won ten races and I’ve gotten twelve pole positions, something worth noting considering that in three qualifying sessions I did not participate. I’m happy with it. The goal is to improve that next year and it will be difficult”.