Hamilton pays tribute to the work of Brawn at Mercedes


Ross Brawn sold the team champion of 2009 and which bore his name to Mercedes. After that, he devoted himself to rebuilding a formation that had to recover from the departure of Honda and the low budget with which it had to develop the single-seater, 2010, undertaking a restructuring considerable to adapt to the new times.

But before they could see the fruits of that work, Ross Brawn left Mercedes after several disagreements with Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda. Despite that, Lewis Hamilton will not forget your contribution and wanted to pay him tribute. “Working with him was great. You created a very good atmosphere, very accessible to all the world. I think that everyone was relaxed with him. Honestly I was sad when it was, because when I joined the team, part of the decision-making process was because Ross was part of Mercedes and then went to the short time, what was not so great. I think that what he built all these years is what has allowed us to be in head and succeeding, so he helped to construct the platform or the foundation”.

Ross Brawn was the one who convinced Lewis Hamilton to join the project after the final withdrawal of Michael Schumacher and the briton acknowledges that the presence of Brawn was important in their decision. In addition, Hamilton recalls with much fondness how it was to work with him. “I loved working with Ross. Obviously I grew up watching Ross in the Ferrari. Next thing I know is that I was in the kitchen of my mother, taking a cup of tea with him, talking to me from me to join the team and how much you would like that pilotase for them. I felt proud that I would like to”.

Hamilton says that when he won the two titles with Mercedes, he wanted to share them with Brawn, among other things because it helped him grow as a pilot. “I’m a grateful person, when I won the world I tried to share with him because he worked for many years without a win and at the end we get them. Usually the heads do not make a better pilot, but it does give you a chance to grow and that is something that Ross did with me”.