Hamilton questions the sportsmanship of Schumacher and irritates their fans


Jean Todt spoke of the state of Michael Schumacher, to which he joins a great friendship: “Is one of my most intimate friends. I am close to the family and the family of me, and I visit often. I see that is still struggling, and we all have to fight with him.”. The French, who shared computer with the ‘Kaiser’ during his period more successful, he referred to Hamilton to talk about the merits of the heptacampe√≥n: “Comparing their figures and those of Lewis, I’m proud even more of what you got. He did great things. Sometimes we forget, and we should not”. When Sebastian Vettel chained four straight titles, there were some who wondered if the then-pilot of Red Bull would reach seven crowns of Michael Schumacher. Now it is Hamilton who wears two world championships in a row (three in total), and the doubt re-emerges.

Hamilton was asked about that comparison, and in their response dropped to its predecessor in Mercedes (the English arrived in the German team when Schumacher retired at the end of 2012) was not the driver cleaner to get your global:

“I’ve never done things like what Michael did to win championships. I won with my natural abilities”.

it Is true that the pilot is the most victorious of the history he was involved in several episodes controversial for its hardness on the track, as the incident with Villeneuve that left him without a title in 1997 , and led to their exclusion from the championship. However, the words of the newly crowned three-time does not seem to be the most successful.

The acusadoras statements have provoked the response of the fans of Schumacher. This was the reaction of Reiner Ferling, the president of the club of fans pilot German: “Hamilton should connect your brain before you speak. You must learn about what Michael has achieved. The pride precedes the fall”. With maneuvers referred to Lewis or without them, the truth is that you still have less than half of the world, and the way to reach there is still a long.