Hamilton sends a notice in the free seconds of Sochi


Lewis Hamilton has sent a notice to your partner, and great dominator of this year 2016 of face for the Grand Prix of Russia. The british driver was the fastest from a second practice session in which the conditions

The reliability in Ferrari continues to give headaches. Barely half an hour after that would start the session, and with Sebastian Vettel to the front of the table of times, the SF16H stood in the middle of the track. The German rider was left without electronics of any kind, and his car had to be towed to the pits, while a sorry Vettel went to the pits to continue watching television for the day. Since the Scuderia is seriously concerned, because the performance shown on the track does not correspond with the expected results, mainly because of the breakdowns.

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beyond the fault of Vettel (despite the fact that he ended up with the second time in the log), the rest of the session was packed by the constant departures of track, as happened in the first free practice sessions, one of them Lewis Hamilton. The world champion stayed a while in the pit lane, stopped, because after a spin detected a malfunction, the hydraulic in his Mercedes. Everything was in a scare, and the british could not overcome the thirty or so laps without major difficulties.

In regards to the spaniards, Fernando Alonso finished in tenth place with 30 laps to be accurate and very good feelings. Even gave him time to try a front wing other than at the end of the day. Just behind him finished Carlos Sainz, to just 65 thousandths behind the fastest time of his friend.

time Table Free 2 Grand Prix Rusia

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