Hamilton supports the ideas of Ross Brawn: “We have to find something unique”


The Formula 1 coexists between the need to preserve the purity of the category and the need to promote the show for the fans. Many of the latest proposals during the final years of the era of Bernie Ecclestone concerned race format, with the former top dog of the category coming to suggest the dispute of two sprint races, an idea that was rejected out of hand.

The recent statements of Ross Brawn about the possible changes for the future, including the possibility of organizing a race, not scoring with the purpose of using it as an experiment of new products, it has had a positive reception in the paddock of the Formula 1 during this first week of tests pre-season. The most vocal has been Lewis Hamilton.

The three-time british, who will begin his eleventh season in Formula 1, argues that the championship try with new concepts of race, to remove the maximum party to a few cars faster than they can hinder the overtaking on track: doesn’t sound like a horrible idea. Definitely, you need a new format. From Thursday to Sunday, has been equal to the last eleven years. At least, it has always been the ten years that I’ve been here. Given how are these cars, the direction and the design still makes it difficult for us to overtake, and then people complaining that they didn’t go ahead. We have to find something unique, and different races. Perhaps each race would be a different scenario“.

In particular, Hamilton gave the example of the test’s most iconic Formula 1, the Monaco Grand Prix. The Mercedes driver believes that, being the star test of the calendar of Formula 1, and due to the high difficulty of overtaking on the streets of the Principality, its format should differ from that of other Great Prizes: “When we go to Monaco, you can not do the same format of the race because no one there can spell, so maybe we need to jazz it up a bit, do something different, perhaps a sprint race, I don’t know. The race in Monaco should be different from the others. There are many ideas, but I’m not going to share them”.