Hamilton takes the Principality and recovers the illusion


Lewis Hamilton was the victory of the Monaco GP very moved, with alternatives and show. The british imposed a Daniel Ricciardo that what he had in hand, but lost his options because of a mess of boxes. The third on the podium was Sergio Perez, which gave another lesson of management of tyres in variable conditions. This second victory in Monaco, 44 under his belt, serves to Hamilton to get close to the World and to regain the second position of the general, that the Nico Rosberg was seventh at the end.

Fernando Alonso was one of the men of the race. The control of the tire changes, the successful strategy and a high pace in spite of the difficulties on the track allowed him to match his best result of 2015, a fifth place that knows him to glory. Carlos Sainz was eighth.

Output after the safety car

The race began in a very highly diluted, behind the ‘safety car’, despite the extreme wet tyres that wore all the cars. This made up around 7 would not have changes in the classification, until Jolyon Palmer crashed, losing control of his Renault.

The race in wet conditions it made it all very volatile, especially above. Daniel Ricciardo escaped through the front of the Mercedes, with a Max Verstappen power on by behind attempting a comeback. Rosberg soon said goodbye to the victory. The German suffered a problem of temperature in the brakes, which forced him to be overtake by Hamilton, and since then disappeared from the race.

dry the track

According advanced the race and the sun came out, began the movement of tires. First, with intermediate, riders began to improve their lap, while ahead, nobody dared to move. Hamilton, with rain tires, it came to coincide in the track with people with dry tires, both superblandos, as soft and ultrablandos.

This disparity strategic led to many changes. For example, Fernando Alonso (with superblandos) came to the end of the race in a great fifth position, while from behind had to Nico Rosberg with ultrablandos and ahead to Sebastian Vettel with soft. Another of the big winners was Sergio Perez, in another lesson of strategy and management of the wear of the tires. Without making any noise, she stood third, comfortable, and without pressure.

The fight for victory was not resolved by a direct hit, on the piste or strategy, but by a mess of Red Bull: Ricciardo entered the pits to remove the intermediate tyres and put superblandos, but the mechanics were not ready. The ridiculous made that Ricciardo lost a lot of time, the need for Hamilton to win the position. Had on the track, with the jump of the british on the chicane included which was investigated but not sanctioned.

was Not the only fault: at Toro Rosso were not successful with Carlos Sainz, which in normal conditions would have been able to get closer to the ‘top 5’ and had to settle for eighth.

Multiple accidents

Monaco in the wet is always a guarantee of performance… and crash. Palmer was the first to leave, but also did other: Kimi Räikkönen, that was a half turn with the spoiler under the car, Daniil Kvyat, who keeps his nightmare, Kevin Magnussen, who completed the black day for Renault, Max Verstappen, who went back to crashing almost equal to that of the sabbath, or the Sauber.

In this latter case was quite absurd: Felipe Nasr he was ordered to let pass by Marcus Ericsson, is not understood (or not wanted to understand) and ended up crashing into the Rascasse.

times Table Race Grand Prix Mónaco

Pos. Piloto Dorsal Equipo Tiempo Laps
1 Gran Bretaña Lewis Hamilton 44 Mercedes WINNER 78
2 Australia Daniel Ricciardo 3 Network Bull +7.252 78
3 México Sergio Perez 11 Force India +13.825 78
4 Alemania Sebastian Vettel 5 Ferrari +15.846 78
5 España Fernando Alonso 14 McLaren +85.076 78
6 Alemania Nico Hulkenberg 27 Force India +92.999 78
7 Alemania Nico Rosberg 6 Mercedes +93.290 78
8 España Carlos Sainz 55 Toro Rosso +1L 77
9 Gran Bretaña Jenson Button 22 McLaren +1L 77
10 Brasil Felipe Massa 19 Williams +1L 77
11 Finlandia Valtteri Bottas 77 Williams +1L 77
12 México Esteban Gutiérrez 21 Haas F1 Team +1L 77
13 Francia Romain Grosjean 8 Haas F1 Team +2L 76
14 Alemania Pascal Wehrlein 94 Manor F1 +2L 76
15 Indonesia Rio Haryanto 88 Manor F1 +4L 74
Ret Suecia Marcus Ericsson 9 Sauber 0
Ret Brasil Felipe Nasr 12 Sauber 0
Ret Países Bajos Max Verstappen 33 Network Bull 0
Ret Dinamarca Kevin Magnussen 20 Renault 0
Ret Rusia Daniil Kvyat 26 Toro Rosso 0
Ret Finlandia Kimi Raikkonen 7 Ferrari 0
Ret Gran Bretaña Jolyon Palmer 30 Renault 0