Hamilton: “The Mercedes looks a thousand times better than the other”


life seems to stay the same in the Formula 1 despite the change of rules, and, although it has only completed the first day of the tests, there are already many who point to Mercedes as the favourites for the title one more year.

And Lewis Hamilton does not shy away from this responsibility, listing to the press load to the circuit, the reasons for which it considers fair for this claim. “First, the rest want to beat us when the season starts. Second, we are the champions and, third, our car looks a thousand times better than any other”, stated without modesty the champion british.

Hamilton is aware of the value of Mercedes as a team, but don’t forget that such position of dominance has been given as a result of the hard work done previously. “We are a solid team, the team to beat, but we still have much work to do, as all the others. We try to focus on our work and do the best I can”. The Mercedes driver says that the computer is in an initial phase of system testing and evaluation of the reliability and the search performance will arrive with the passage of days. “Yesterday, simply we focus on completing tasks from the list, all the check points. Accumulate miles for reliability. In the next few days we will start to improve the car”.

On the first day, Valtteri Bottas completed 79 laps of the circuit, while the own Hamilton ended the day late with 73 turns in the pocket.