Hamilton: “to Sign for Mercedes was the best decision of my life”


When Lewis Hamilton started to sound like a possible move to Mercedes, few gave credit to the rumours by apparently crazy. At that time, halfway through the 2012 season, Mercedes suffered to remain among the top five of the championship, and McLaren, although it was not much better, at least getting podiums and victories.

When finally confirmed the signing of Lewis Hamilton by Mercedes, the general opinion was that he had committed a great error that would end up repenting. But the time has given him a reason to Hamilton, who claims to have made the best decision of your life at that time. “it Seems surreal at this point. Does not seem to have 51 victories, I don’t know why. It has been amazing to be able to match Prost. Got 51 wins and think that Michael has 91… is spectacular. Weekend after weekend the team and I continue to prove that to come to Mercedes was the right decision. And the best of my life”.


Now, in his fourth season with the team, Lewis Hamilton has the chance to get his third title with the German team, even if remotely. Nico Rosberg has the opportunity to be a champion in Brazil, but Hamilton says not to think about it. “I’m Not focused on the championship. I am focused on giving the best of myself in the two remaining races, because I know that if I am in my best form, things will go as in Mexico. I know that I have never won in Brazil, but there is no reason in particular. The last year and the previous Nico was very fast, although twelve months ago I was close to the pole position, just 70 thousandths of a second. I lost it by going up a gear on the climb to the finish”.

Hamilton looks capable of beating his partner, that if he wins at Interlagos will be champion regardless of what the british. In Mexico dominated all the week-end while the current championship leader suffered to hold the Red Bull and Lewis says that the only thing you can do is talk on the asphalt. “I Was something faster than Nico in Mexico and that is the only thing that I can do. Usually I speak on the track”.