Hamilton wants to win in Brazil to devote to Senna


Photo: Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton lost the 2007 world in Interlagos and won in the same site the title of 2008. Got on that path, one pole position, two podiums and three fastest laps, but never a victory. A place where he would love to debut this weekend, as had been stated before you travel to Brazil for the penultimate test of the year: “Interlagos is one of the circuits of classic truth. Fairly short, with hard tyres, with a climate variable and a start of the back very difficult that always seems to bring the drama. Then there are the fans: the brazilian people is a very passionate, happy and fun”.

The Mercedes has always been accompanied when he has flown in Brazil, and not only by the enthusiastic fans of Interlagos. English has achieved this season the three championships that he won Ayrton Senna, and acknowledges that always note your company when you visit the brazilian country: “it Is a country vibrant, full of color and, in some way, is special to me. This was the home race for Ayrton, so it was a dream for me to run in Sao Paulo when he was younger, and I have always felt his presence when I’ve been there. He was a great hero in Brazil and it overwhelms me to always get a response so warm there”.

Senna won his eighth grand prix local, and Hamilton does not know what is to win in eight attempts. Want to get it and devote to ‘Magic‘, to go putting an end to a season of dreams: “it Is unbelievable to think that Ayrton needed eight attempts to win this race, and that is one of the few where I myself have not earned. If I can change that this weekend would be a tribute to him, and another highlight to add to this amazing year, so I’m going to give it all for that to happen”. If it does, it will exceed the 21 wins in different circuit that accumulates Vettel, tying the 22 achieve Prost and falling to a record Schumacher. In addition, it would improve the 18 victories in grand prix different than they have right now, him and Alain Prost, and would be close to the 21 of Vettel and 22 of Schumacher.