Hamilton “will miss” the rivalry with Rosberg


Lewis Hamilton was one of the best friends of Nico Rosberg from the time of both in karting and until the rivalry between the two Mercedes began a series of run-ins with the that their relationship has cooled.

“it Is strange, and it will be sad not to have you on the team next year

But, despite everything, both are still keeping affection and the british pilot wanted to ponder the motion of Rosberg. “The sport will miss, but I wish him the best. I am sure that is a surprise to many people. It is probably the only person who thinks that it is not a surprise because I know him since a long time ago, but so is the competition engine”, said the british pilot, who commented later in front of the press shifted to the annual Gala of the FIA, that “this is the first time that he has won in 18 years, so that is not a surprise that he has decided to stop. Has the family in mind and wants more children, the F1 takes up a lot of time. What I will miss the rivalry? Of course”.

Hamilton has revealed that it was usual for Nico Rosberg and he fantasearan on the day on which they were champions of Formula 1 and admits he would have liked to have the opportunity to get even for the defeat of this year. “we had Always talked about being champions and when I got to the team and Nico was, was also something that we talked about when we were kids. Definitely, it is something strange and it will be sad not to have you on the team next year. I would not say that I am upset. Of course it is a pity that I don’t have revenge, but it is your decision and I respect. I have a different point of view, I won the championship in the previous two years and we took the opportunity to try again, this is how I am”.