Hamilton wins third championship in a fast-paced career in Austin


Lewis Hamilton will not have to wait any longer: there is already a world champion of Formula 1 by tercvera time in his life. The English took the title thanks to an absurd track output of your companion, a Nico Rosberg despite a bad start, pulled out all his honor and he was about to take the victory. However, in the absence of eight laps and when I was tightening the English, came out and handed the victory and the crown to the English

The big surprise was Max Verstappen, who managed a heroic fourth place, ahead of Sergio Perez and a Carlos Sainz that, although they came sixth, lost a position to seventh by a penalty of 5 seconds that he was going over speed in the pitlane. Fernando Alonso, with problems at the end, was eleventh.

Exit move

As usual, Nico Rosberg had a bad start, while Lewis Hamilton also helped that the German had to climb from the back: took him out of track, something cast in the rise of the first curve. Carlos Sainz was also the protagonist, but by a plucked spectacular: from the 20th place to 12th in just two curves, that made him fight for the points right away, jobs that would not leave until the end.

Fernando Alonso had a race against you from the start. The pilot spaniard suffered a touch with Felipe Massa in the first corner, which forced him to go to the pits very soon. With this action, and the pieces of his McLaren and Williams, there was the first stop of the race. On the fifth lap, the stewards ordered the ‘safety car virtual’, so that the advantages of a startup is slowed down in the dry.

as soon as they restarted the race, the Red Bull were to attack… as long as the track began to dry out for the first time in the whole weekend.

The Red bulls can’t stop the Mercedes

Daniel Ricciardo saw the open sky. As Lewis Hamilton began to have problems, do not hesitate to attack Rosberg, who in turn was teniéndoselas of all colors with Daniil Kvyat. The australian took advantage of the championship leader began to run out of tires to be placed in the leadership, so that in the box of Mercedes decided to take the initiative: Hamilton was to be the first rider of the weekend in mount dry tires.

So, it was not he who took the win, but his team-mate. Rosberg, when he put the dry tyres soft for the first time in the weekend, started to fly. Barely lasted a half-lap Ricciardo, the German won the first set and did not let go.

When we were stabilizing the positions, while Hamilton is placed second on a Red Bull that is deflated, Marcus Ericsson was lying in the middle of the track, causing the departure of the safety car. The reunion of all returned the emotion to the track, as it gave time to some of the pilots to recover their position in the changing pit. One of them was Max Verstappen, which was found fighting with the Red Bull after the resumption for the fourth position, or a Sebastian Vettel, which gradually pulled oil of your strategy.

McLaren on the verge of the best result of the year

Fernando Alonso was a career excelsa. After the problem of the beginning of the race took advantage of to the perfection the problems above, successful strategies and the subsequent safety cars -virtual or not-, and came to be placed in the middle area of points. First went to Carlos Sainz, who returned to suffer brake problems, and in addition was punished for speeding in the pitlane. After that, it shifted to Sergio Perez by the sixth post.

But if the performance of Alonso was good, was no less so that of Jenson Button, who came to be fifth. The Red Bull stayed out of the battle by accident. First, Daniel Ricciardo suffered a touch with Nico Hülkenberg, which was investigated after the race, and after Daniil Kvyat, because of a failure of its own that commanded the wall. In both cases, there was a safety car, but the second was especially important in the final development of the race.

winning Strategy for Hamilton and the gift of Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton he stretched out the status of their dry tires that I had mounted the first well over its useful life. Just when Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel were approaching, the accident Kvyat forced to push out the safety car, which at the end was a help to fall from the sky to the leader of the championship: came in boxes just before Vettel, which helped him not only to cover the German, but also to achieve a theoretical superiority over Rosberg’s face at the end of the race.

The pit areas also benefited Fernando Alonso, who announced to his companion Jenson Button and is planted in a lofty fifth place. With the resumption, missing only eight laps to go, the excitement was at a maximum. Verstappen lasted very little in the third position, which he gave to Vettel. For the front, Hamilton began to tighten Rosberg, who again showed a remarkable mental weakness: he went off track as she noticed the pressure and (CHRONIC IN DEVELOPMENT)

times Table Race Grand Prix of the United Unidos

Pos. Piloto Dorsal Equipo Tiempo Laps
1 Gran Bretaña Lewis Hamilton 44 Mercedes Winner 56
2 Alemania Nico Rosberg 6 Mercedes +2.8 56
3 Alemania Sebastian Vettel 5 Ferrari +3.3 56
4 Países Bajos Max Verstappen 33 Toro Rosso +22.3 56
5 México Sergio Perez 11 Force India +24.4 56
6 Gran Bretaña Jenson Button 22 McLaren +28.0 56
7 España Carlos Sainz 55 Toro Rosso +30.6 56
8 Venezuela Pastor Maldonado 13 Lotus +32.2 56
9 Brasil Felipe Nasr 12 Sauber +40.2 56
10 Australia Daniel Ricciardo 3 Network Bull +53.3 56
11 España Fernando Alonso 14 McLaren +54.8 56
12 Estados Unidos Alexander Rossi 53 Manor F1 +75.2 56
Ret Rusia Daniil Kvyat 26 Network Bull 0
Ret Alemania Nico Hulkenberg 27 Force India 0
Ret Suecia Marcus Ericsson 9 Sauber 0
Ret Finlandia Kimi Raikkonen 7 Ferrari 0
Ret Brasil Felipe Massa 19 Williams 0
Ret Francia Romain Grosjean 8 Lotus 0
Ret Finlandia Valtteri Bottas 77 Williams 0
Ret Gran Bretaña Will Stevens 46 Manor F1 0