Hand hard in Germany against those who do not repair your car affected by the Dieselgate

Volkswagen en Alemania

The owners of a Volkswagen affected by the dieselgate in Germany will be obliged to apply the software update.

Is filtered a very important information in face of the Scandal Volkswagen that directly affects all the German owners of a vehicle equipped with one of the diesel engines that use a software souped-up. And this is neither more nor less than, not to go through the dealer to update the software of your vehicle, it will be deleted from the register. A measure that will put against the sword and the wall at the drivers of the noted european country. Seeing as the only possibility to pass through the ring to “upgrade” your car.

Currently, there are many owners of a vehicle from the VAG Group affected by the problem of emissions that have decided not to apply the different solutions offered by the German company to fix the problem. According to Reuters, KBA (regulatory agency for motor vehicles in Germany) will be deleted from the register of the cars that have not applied the software update.

The German agency will base its decision on the fact that the vehicles concerned are circulating by issuing a greater amount of NOx emissions that the originally declared. In this way, in Germany will be graded as mandatory the application of this solution to the souped-up engines Volkswagen due to that is situation is to be treated as a security issue.

Volkswagen en Alemania

The cars affected by the dieselgate in Germany that do not apply the solution of Volkswagen, will be terminated.

To put in contrast with the line of other european countries, in the the United Kingdom has labeled the campaign as a “service action”. The most logical thing is that, once you formalise the announcement generated a lot of controversy because in Europe the greatest number of people affected by the dieselgate are reluctant to apply the software update because that translates into an increase of fuel consumption.

however, and from the own Volkswagen ensure that the application of this update did not have any type of adverse effect on the behavior of the vehicle either at the level of reliability or efficiency. An affirmation that supports the own KBA. About two-thirds the Volkswagen hit in Germany have already gone through the hoop and have been “repaired”. However, and since the company already anticipated that they do not expect to upgrade 100% of the vehicles with engines souped-up.

The information made public anticipates that, once the owners receive the notice for passing by the garage to upgrade your vehicle, ignore, the KBA to arrive on the scene for that, arrival the situation, remove and lower the car in question.