, Hang on! McLaren want a successor 100% electric for the P1

The McLaren P1 is a plug-in hybrid of 916 HP, and to some extent we can say that this concept of a hybrid vehicle is the most innovative yet effective to understand what is a supercar modern. But this idea is valid today, and that’s why at McLaren is already working in your immediate future with ideas as fanciful, or not, and forgetting completely about of gasoline engines to begin to develop a the successor of the McLaren P1 fully-electric.


can You imagine a successor to the McLaren P1 in the purest style of the Rimac Concept_One

McLaren is clearly the manufacturer most ambitious of all those who are vying for the market of the supercars in these moments. In the firm based in Woking know that they are newbies in the market and are willing to risk and innovate with each new release. In this way, just a few days ago we presented their investment strategy and development from here to 2022, a program full of surprises and a lot of money where the main objective is to grow sales and lead the electrical propulsion at 50% of its range.

With the McLaren P1 have achieved almost the impossible, to develop a hybrid platform plug-in of first level in record time and with a remarkable reliability and performance to date. But the P1 was only the beginning, and that is that McLaren has never hidden that the development of the P1 was much more than a supercar created to ruin the party in the Porsche 918 Spyder and the LaFerrari, its 916 HP hybrid were the first step of the plan of electrification of McLaren it now gives a new big step towards the inevitable future where all the cars of McLaren will be 100% electric.

mclaren-factoria-woking-2016-01Up to 15 new McLaren in 6 years, half of them hybrids

In the next 6 years we will see up to 15 new releases, including new versions derived from the philosophy of the McLaren 675LT or new sports hybrid plug-in-based models such as the McLaren 570GT or McLaren 570S. McLaren confirms to us that the first prototype of the super sports car, 100% electric is on the way in the case of a one-off that picks up everything learned with the McLaren P1, and the no less important racing program which has served to give life to the Formula E.

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