, Hang on! Porsche confirms that the 911 hybrid is already on the way

sooner or later we knew that Porsche would launch to the market its first Porsche 911 hybrid. Today, we are closer to that day, and that is that from the own Porsche have confirmed they are already working on the hybrid plant that will move to the first 911 hybrid of history, and not only will it be a hybrid, but that will be plug-in hybrid to be able to offer figures of autonomy in electric mode and allow the recharge of your batteries in any plug. How is this good news? What will be the 911 hybrid a true 911?

porsche_911_turbo_2016_precio_dm_1The first Porsche 911 hybrid has just started to develop and locate their batteries will be your main challenge for space and weight

it May be that your face is utter surprise, terror in the most petrolheads, but we can not say that we were not waiting for that moment in which Porsche confirmed the open secret of his first 911 hybrid. Through an interview conducted by Coach Erhard Mossle, head of development for the Porsche 911 Turbo, we have been able to obtain confirmation of the implementation of the programme to hybridize to the Porsche 911. Everything is in place and it seems that we will see the debut of this variant in the next generation, coinciding in addition with other changes of vital importance.

Maintain the essence of the Porsche 911 it is clear that it is not easy, but so far Porsche has managed to do very well. The last great change has been cast into oblivion the naturally aspirated engines in favor of a few turbo engines more efficient. But talk of hybrids is another thing, I know, but the requirements in both regulations, anti-pollution compel manufacturers to think seriously about the electrification of their thrusters. The scheme developed by Porsche, combining a boxer engine six-cylinder, turbocharged, coupled to a propulsion electric, housed in the interior of the PDK.

porsche_911_frenos_carboceramicosThis design, a priori, it seems not to lead to significant changes to the traditional scheme, however the first Porsche 911 hybrid is assuming a big headache for engineers faced with the need to position all the other components of the hybrid system such as batteries and control modules. to Manufacture a plug-in hybrid requires larger batteries, and of course, the Porsche 911 is a sports where there is insufficient space, precisely. This problem, in addition to the added weight being the main enemy of a Porsche in these moments, seeing as a solution the introduction of panels of CFRP into the chassis of the next generation of the Porsche 911.

we will remain vigilant to the news about the first Porsche 911 hybrid…

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