Hankook Tire iFlex promise high speed without using air


Tyres Hankook iFlex NPT they are developed with technology that allows their use airless avoiding punctures. Still in development, the South Korean firm said that the tests have been successful.


Hankook-iFlex E s true that it is not a new invention, but the South Korean firm Hankook has created a new airless tires to which called iFlex.

are experimental, but its development is well advanced.

The Hankook iFlex NPT follow the principles already seen in other similar products such as Tweel Michelin and Terrain Armor ATV wheels , that is a solid tire which does not use air as a conventional one, does not click and has characteristics equivalent to those of a traditional one operation.

According to the indicated Hankook research and product development began in 2011. In its latest tests, an electric vehicle, which did not disclose the brand or model, Equipped with iFlex tires failed to reach the 130 mph maximum speed , which is a good brand for a tire technology that is still in its infancy.

The Korean automaker said the tires iFlex are constructed of a material friendly to the environment , although without specifying exactly what is his name, but highlighting its recycling capacity.

In the tests which have undergone the strength, durability, stability, maneuverability and speed were evaluated, resulting all of them successful. We assume that fluorescent colors and side uncovered part of the promotion strategy and that the final product will take on a more conventional look.





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