Happy birthday!!!! The Volvo Amazon turns 60 springs

Volvo AmazonThe Swedish manufacturer Volvo is a clear example of how a small brand can make great cars. As we all know the cars that Volvo has manufactured over its 89-year history are special. Special because you have been clothed with a design very sober, a major functionality interior and one of its main features, the security that the signature prints to each and every one of their cars.

One of these special models is the Volvo Amazon. This model was the second that threw the Swedish house on the market after the last great war. It was first presented to the public in September 1956, first with the form of berlina traditional, and subsequently in the format family. It took its name from the wars of Greek mythology, however, finally, the brand changed its name to the Volvo 122.

Volvo AmazonThe reason why Volvo had to change the name of their new saloon was the following. In those years, Kreidler, a German manufacturer of mopeds and motorcycles, was a new moped, the Amazone and the conflict that could arise at the time of marketing the products and the confusion with the trademarks, Volvo decided to remove his name and replace it with by the above-mentioned.

When the model went into production, the brand had already presented the two variants of the automobile with which it was sold, the sedan with four doors (Volvo 122) and the most versatile station wagon (Volvo 221). One of the features of the model was that incorporated in 1959, the safety belt. As a curiosity, the brand only sold the model in three colors body black, blue midnight, or a ruby red. However, since 1959 the range of colours was reduced to two, and in 1961 only one.

With this model, Volvo opened its factory in Halifax in Canada, and from it took out their assault on the american market by being the first Volvo of the history that was made outside of Sweden.

Happy birthday Volvo Amazon!!!!!

Source – Volvo