Harald Krueger (CEO BMW) falls in full presentation at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

is one of the images of the day and, fortunately, a story with no other consequences. The Frankfurt 2015 opened its doors to thousands of journalists, an array of manufacturers, cameras, and cars, really spectacular. The first brand to open the day’s presentations was BMW , with a Press Conference which started at 8:30 am and was interrupted soon after when Harald Krueger, CEO brand , he collapsed while talking giddy novelty of BMW in recent years.

The crash did not involve him more consequences Harald, who minutes later recovered, while Friedrich Eichiner, head of the financial department of the brand, took his place.

A story that reminds us, once again, some of the advice that we give to attend an International Auto Show, physically hard for those responsible for the brand, but also for accredited journalists and fans attending the conference public. Good shoes, hydrated and eating well, it is essential to endure standing all day, from car to car, I assure you.

Source: Financial Times

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