Hardwell wanted to have with Carmen Jordá for his video clip Run Wild

Carmen Jordá Lotus TeamThe young pilot Spanish Carmen Jorda, now development pilot of the team Renault F1, it certainly has success as a model and in advertising campaigns for its beauty. However, it is a pity that not you can use something better that the post of pilot development within the F1, since that is a sport is very demanding and even a little macho in spite of not having any rule that excludes women of this motor sport.

One of these hits extracompetitivos collaboration in the video clip of Hardwell, a Dj and music producer from the Netherlands and that safe know. Hardwell is ranked number 2 in the list of the best deejays in the world. Now wanted to have with Carmen for her latest music video for their song Run Wild, which seems to point to become another musical success of this Dj within the genre House.

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In this video clip Run Wild you can see Carmen Jorda driving a Jaguar, a mark that Carmen does not work within the F1, I insist that he is a pilot development of the newly emerged team Renault F1. However it is not the first clip in which we see the pilot valencian, since a few months also saw in the United We Are driving an Audi R8.

Regardless of these collaborations outside the world of motorsport, Carmen must continue to work in the simulator of Renault F1 in order to provide data of the simulations to the computer and prepare to have a good career in the next GP Bahrain, which is being played this weekend, a circuit similar to the characteristics of Australia but with lines more long, and where they reach higher speeds, something that should improve the Renault engine and it is expected an update for Canada.