Hartley: “For me the dream of Formula 1 is broke in 2010”


The incorporation fleeting that you will witness the box Toro Rosso for the Grand Prix of the united States, Brendon Hartley, he accompanied Hamilton, Sainz and Ericsson in the press conference held on Thursday.

“I Called Marko, I told him that I had learned and that was different to how it was ten years ago, if you have a chance I’m ready”, said the new zealander in his first intervention. “I said yes, that he had received the message, and three months later called me. Has passed very fast, not what I have known before the press, and have been a few weeks very tense until you get here”.

Has passed very fast, I’ve not known before that the press

The new pilot of Faenza, in replacement of Pierre Gasly who will participate in the Super Formula Japan and will return to work in Formula 1 then he showed “quite relaxed and eager to go to the track. I’ve been able to talk a little bit with the engineers, to see something of telemetry and test the simulator, so I’m really looking forward to the first free and start to prepare for the race”.

His career could have been quite different to what has been, and is that could become part of the seats that are available Red Bull on your platform, but ultimately was not as well. “I Guess that wouldn’t be ready. I had some success in lower categories, I was the reserve driver, he was 18 years old when I started, and I think that it was not able to handle the pressure, he was very young and I was far from home”. The program of young pilots of the team of the energy drink judged by the talent of the pilots, and on this occasion were discarded Hartley. “For me the dream of Formula 1 is broke in 2010, and since then I learned a lot from that experience, the program of Le Mans with Porsche. It is true that it is a pressure other than of the Formula 1, but I have been learning to work with peers and teams, so I guess I’m stronger than it was then. At 18 I was not ready, now I’m”.

I Guess I’m stronger than it was then

“I don’t have any expectation, I do not have any objective”. The pilot will use the number #39 has not marked any goal for the weekend, though expected to be at the height of the category this time. “of Course I want to do the best possible, although the truth is that I don’t want to propose a result. In some parts I am little prepared, but the team has told me nothing, nor of the future. It is nice to get to Formula 1 in a circuit in which I won in 2013, I believe that since then I have competed here every year. When you have experience it is often easier, but these cars have much more downforce. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow, but even so I want to face all this”.

Hartley said that “I’m going to focus on this weekend”, adding that he was not going to think about the future, despite the fact that “yes I am interested in the Indy”. The australian Red Bull served as a help to try and dominate the single-seaters this season, more demanding than its predecessors, and the career will put you at the level that you will be able to acquire in a single weekend of adaptation. “I Spoke with Daniel, who is one of my best friends, and I asked him about the tires. Some questions I will answer in free, other when you have more experience in the car”.