Haryanto: “I have a 50% chance of return”


Rio Haryanto believed to have a 50% chance of re-be pilot owner in 2017 after becoming the reserve driver of Manor. The pilot is indonesian, which he saw as his budget only allowed him to complete the first twelve races of the season at the controls of the Manor MRT05, you think you have serious options to be able to occupy one of the empty seats still remain for next season. For the moment, Haryanto wants to take advantage of every minute in their role as the reserve driver of Manor until the end of the season to continue their learning after being replaced by Esteban Ocon.

it Is a pity that I could not do a full season with Manor this year states Rio Haryanto in statements to ‘Motorsport.com’. All in all, the pilot of indonesia is still showing a positive reading of his first year in Formula 1, despite living half a season out of the car: “In general, I’m still here to learn, this experience is good and I am working to return the next year. By the time the priority remains the Formula 1. I have not yet looked at in other categories, the main priority for us is to be here”.

however, Rio Haryanto manages several options ahead of next season, as recognized by the pilot himself: “There are some good options. I think I have a 50% chances of returning to Formula 1. We’ll see, I hope you have good news soon.” however, the pilot-book of Manor do not want to reveal what are the chances that it handles, although it has been recognized that the team Manor remains between them: “we’re looking at some options and the only thing I can say is that surely one of them is the Manor”.