Has occurred: the new Honda Civic Type R has fallen already in the hands of Mugen

From the Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 comes to us something which we were waiting from the same day, not to say before, that we met the new generation of the Honda Civic Type R and, yes, we talk about the version with the seal of Mugen.

Surprised the new spoiler which has been used Mugen this Honda Civic Type R:

Mugen by now has not revealed all the details of this review of the Honda Civic Type R.

While we wait, impatient for more details, if there is any evolution in its cycle, in its block turbo, we found ourselves in a first pair of snapshots published in the that make quite obvious changes.

, We find a new splitter front, a new grill, new heel cups, a new diffuser rear, wheel arches in the rear is widened… and the most notable change, has been replaced by the rear spoiler original new one with an aesthetic even more “racing”.

there are Also new tires and after its windows overlooking what appeared to be about new sports seats.

what New suspension?how a new exhaust system?what about better brakes?do a reprogramming? Since then the exhaust system is new factua: farewell to the double output, now the Type R is just a single output to one side.

We will have to wait for Mugen to tell us more about your Honda Civic Type R, while, let us remember that the Honda Civic more spicy it has an engine 2.0 VTEC Turbo 310 hp, being its starting price of 34,500 persons € .