Hasegawa: “Alonso is not happy, but accepts the challenge”


Yusuke Hasegawa, took the helm of Honda less than a year ago and, since then, the japanese brand has raised its level of performance. But the japanese is aware that it is not enough and that the aspiration of the team is to win the title.

Something he shares Fernando Alonso, who has reiterated his desire to win his third world title with McLaren, cutting to the root of the rumors that he placed it in Mercedes as a substitute for Nico Rosberg.

in this respect, Hasegawa admits that the Spanish pilot “is not happy. But agree that this is a very big challenge for him, it accepts him. I think that he enjoys improving the team and building a stronger team. Not satisfied with the current situation of McLaren, of course. But understand that this is a good challenge. That is why next year is so important for the team and for Fernando”, acknowledged Hasegawa on statements gathered by SoyMotor, dmitiendo also be very aware that Fernando Alonso has run a great risk when choosing to McLaren-Honda and thinks it is his duty “to give you the confidence that you are choosing the right equipment. So yes, of course”.

Next to Fernando Alonso, the belgian driver Stoffel Vandoorne will play their first season as a driver owner after its debut at the Bahrain Grand Prix and Hasegawa trust fully in the powers of the substitute of Jenson Button. “I have visited some of the circuits on the weekend of the Super Formula. I am not an expert in the evaluation of pilots, but there is no doubt that has a lot of talent. It is always very quiet. Is ready to understand the situations. I have no doubt that it works on the computer and that will do a good job. That’s why we also have the responsibility of giving a good car. Is always very aggressive, asks a lot of the car. He has shown he can do a good job”.

“We are discussing the possibility of supplying engines

In statements collected by Autosport, Hasegawa has also confirmed that Honda is preparing to supply to more teams in the category and believes that the ideal time frame to confirm it would be before the Grand Prix of Monaco, “when Red Bull and Toro Rosso announced that they would be using the Renault engine. Is the deadline, but for us, the sooner the better”. Hasegawa, however, believes that before must demonstrate that the engine has already reached a level similar to that of its competitors. “we are Now discussing the possibility of supplying engines, but there are no concrete negotiations. There is interest casual customers of Mercedes have no intention of changing his engine for the Honda. We have to prove that we can take a step forward in performance. Until then, I don’t think that we can have a specific request”.