Hasegawa: “No one wants the Honda engines”


despite having left McLaren made clear in many
occasions that he is willing to share socio biker with another
equipment, while the level of Honda is not satisfactory, Yusuke
Hasegawa insists that it would be good for them and seek to convince
any team from it

there has Already been an approach in 2015 with Red Bull, when the team
Dietrich Mateschitz was in full search of supplier

after having broken his relationship with Renault. Mercedes refused to
provide engines and Ferrari only offered the engine of the 2015
that are currently used by Toro Rosso.

“Estaría happy by having a second team if we have the opportunity”

Ron Dennis vetoed the agreement and, finally, Red Bull arranged the
situation with Renault, although using your engine under the
name TAG Heuer. Now, Hasegawa recognizes that for a second
computer would help with the development of the propellant. “I Think that since
the technical point of view, it is good to have a second computer to
have more options to roll the engines. Of course it costs more and
we need to prepatar engineers, but in general I’d be happy
by having a second team if we have the chance. But in this
time, we are not strong enough, there is no team that
want to the Honda engines, we need to wait, I have to change the

Improvements on the way… and a lot of pressure

The team boasts several developments on the way for this
season, that are intended to be implemented in a number of careers. “we Aspire
to have a half second of winning, but I don’t know, I can not say if
what we will achieve. But we should, we need to improve”
, admitted to the
japanese in statements to Autosport.

The next season would be crucial and not only in terms of
to the chassis. The disappearance of the system of tokens and the reduction to
only four engines per season, open to new possibilities, but
also complications. In this regard, Hasegawa claims that “even
we are looking for many possibilities. A drastic change or
continuity, we have not yet decided which direction we will take. Maybe
in August what we will decide. McLaren has to decide on the
, making it clear that time is of the essence and to delay the
decision would compromise the design of the car.

of the comments more eye-catching Fernando Alonso this past weekend
the weekend in Austria was when the Spanish asserted, in a playful tone,
that since only had to punch Honda in order to motivate them more.
Hasegawa admits that what he heard and that “so far I have not
thrown a punch, but I’m very happy to have that pressure, because
it means that you expect Honda to improve. The pressure is very large, and does not
comes only from the two pilots. Is Ron Dennis and, of course,
Honda. The more pressure, for me, is coming from Honda, of
inside, of the directive”