Hasegawa: “we will Use the ten tokens remaining this year”


Yusuke Hasegawa has confirmed, in statements to F1i.com, that el plan of Honda to the rest of the season is to work tirelessly to enter all of the updates possible in the powertrain of the McLaren of Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button.

The japanese engineer ensures that Honda is “working on the development of the improvements at all
, although the doubt of when they will be able to see the first developments in the competition. “I’m Not sure what race we will be able to
implement, because we need to balance the performance with the
reliability. As soon as we can confirm, there will be no reason for
wait, we will place it as soon as we can. We have ten tokens
for the season 2016, so our goal is to use them all
during this season”

Carlos Sainz has been one of the pilots that have been very surprised by the evolution of McLaren in the last few weeks. The Spanish pilot account with a propellant Ferrari of last season, something that complicates a lot the short-term future of Toro Rosso. Sainz has come to say that Honda already exceeded the performance of the Ferrari engine of 2015.

For Hasegawa, is a source of satisfaction, although it is not clear that should be good enough as to congratulate themselves. “I feel flattered that you see a Honda that way, but I don’t know if I should
feel happy to hear that we have finally surpassed the level
a motor last year. I think that everyone at Honda is
doing a great job, improving at a significant level,
learning fast and applying what is needed. All of our
engineers are highly motivated to do the work

Other motorists such as Renault, however, have stated that it is not likely that use tokens remaining during the season, focusing directly into the propeller of 2017, season in which the token system will disappear and the development will be much more open.