Hasegawa: “will advance to Renault before the end of the season”


gone are those years when McLaren had a competitive, fighting at the highest level, with an engine Mercedes would do well to the team of Woking to come back with them.

76 points you got in the constructors last year, in front of the 27 of a 2015 catastrophic, foreshadowed a beginning of the year promising, with a biker japanese finally adapted to the Formula 1. However, Honda decided to drastically modify the structure of the power unit, by adopting a provision similar to the Mercedes, after he failed to get his idea revolutionized the end of working, with a reliability excessively compromised.

“I Believe that we can maintain the same rate of power increase, but it will be hard to catch Mercedes or Ferrari,”, said Yusuke Hasegawa, head of Honda. The ‘Spec 3’ was a step forward, in spite of the numerous penalties they carry both riders to enjoy it in the conditions, and as they think to introduce the prospective adventuring ‘Spec 4’ as soon as possible, with the hope of overtaking the French rider before the end of the year. “We are eager to overtake the Renault in terms of performance before the end of the season”.

it Will be difficult to catch Mercedes or Ferrari

To make these claims, Hasegawa is based on the information obtained in the recent Large Awards, ensuring that “I can see it in the data”, although “I won’t give details, but we’re cutting the differences”.


The scarce relevance of the power unit in the Hungaroring made it easier to MCL32 in the eleventh calendar appointment.

The sixth place Fernando Alonso in the Hungarian Grand Prix, added to his fastest lap and the point that rescued Stoffel Vandoorne finally, make the japanese appear optimistic. However, despite the fact that “the maneuverability was good”, Hasegawa explained that “the pilots even pointed out the lack of power”. “they Have a lot of confidence in the car, something that is good, but it is still hard to challenge the three teams above”.