Haute couture for this Ferrari 512 TR Garage Italia Customs, the style of Burberry


Garage Italia Customs is back with a new customization, created under the order of a customer. And good faith that will not go unnoticed: once more, the signing of Lapo Elkann stands out in their designs and materials, taking her inspiration from the haute couture fashion.

This Ferrari 512 TR Scuderia Baldini was already by itself a single unit, after having been converted to a convertible with the removal of its roof. Now, this Testarossa late goes a step beyond with a ‘suit’ british inspired for your body – , designed by the specialists of Garage Italy: a complete twist to a classic sportscar of the early nineties, that will certainly turn many heads to your step.


If in his previous Mazda MX-5 get Up resorting to ‘denim’ and the fashion cowgirl, this time we are faced with almost an ‘art car’ that uses the traditional paintings in the style of Burberry: you can like more or less, but in Garage Italy do not cease in their efforts to offer small touches of extravagance along with fashion trends applied to their cars, by way of declaration of intentions.

The displaying entire body, even covering details like their gills side, showing a good finish. Beyond a cover in transparent glass on its back, no other modifications to the chassis, interior, or engine of this Ferrari 512 TR Burberry: continues to present the twelve-cylinder boxer atmospheric, with 4.9 liters of cubicaje and 434 HP power, which allows him to reach 315 km/h.