Haval arrived in Chile as an independent brand: Great Wall will stop selling SUVs

Haval success in China is so big that Great Wall has decided to make it a sub and not a model family within your firm also for international markets.


galImagenes6 L he idea of ​​ Great Wall with the launch of Haval in Chile is competing with renowned firms already settled in the segment of SUVs Crossovers and, as in the case of Land Rover and Jeep . For now things will be taken with a certain calm and for the remainder of the year the idea is to give 300 units and, since 2016, reaching 1,300 / 1,400 units .

Throughout this September deliveries of the first units were already reserved since last July will begin. The initial offering consists of compact H2 urban court and H6 large and performing quality that has nothing to envy to the products of European, Japanese and South Korean firms.

galImgInt2 The H2 is available in five different versions associated with system simple front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive in combination with 1.5 Turbo engine with 141 horsepower . Nothing is ever manually although it is expected that later an automatic transmission can occur.

The interesting thing about this model is in the possibilities of equipment. can access and keyless start, integrated navigation system, cruise control, alloy wheels 18 inches , automatic climate control, parking sensors, automatic lights, power sunroof, system lateral cameras, front, side and curtain airbags, stability control, etc.

galImagenes1 Regarding H6 is a SUV of 4.64 meters length classic and elegant design. It is available with the same engine 1.5 Turbo 141 hp with six-speed manual gearbox and so far only total driving all four wheels.

The equipment can also be very large so in this sense are positioned as a very attractive alternative. Do not miss the leather upholstery, browser, posterior chamber, boot button, power driver’s seat , keyless entry, heated mirrors, etc.

galImagenes10 Recommended prices for Chile are the following:

  • H2 Active 141 hp 1.5T 10.69 million pesos ($ 15,505)
  • H2 141 hp 1.5T Elite 11.59 million pesos ($ 16,803)
  • H2 141 hp 1.5T DeLuxe 12.59 million pesos ($ 18,253)
  • H2 141 hp 1.5T Elite 4 × 4 12.69 million pesos ($ 18,398)
  • H6 DeLuxe 141 hp 1.5T 4 × 4 13.69 million pesos ($ 19,848)


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