Have you behaved well this year? This miniature of the McLaren P1 is worth as much as a utilitarian

we Hope that this year you’ve done well. As perhaps many of you do, this year I have asked the Magi some other model of cars. If you want a scale model of a McLaren P1, you have many options, including one manufactured by the own McLaren. Though you will have to ask you if you want a model of this supercar hybrid size 1:8 and all the luxury details… or a utility such as the Opel Corsa. Nobody said it was cheap, and in addition, have you ported marvel not?

miniatures 1:43 scale are much more affordable and suitable gift for someone with a regular economy.

Amalgam Fine Model Cars makes a scale model 1:8 the McLaren P1 that sells for a price of more than 8,000 pounds sterling. This is the equivalent to about 12,000 euros, for a model that measures 575 mm long. It is a mock-up built by hand, with a precision in its details of less than 0.1 millimeters. The level of detail is so high, that even the paspuntado of the seats is identical to the production car, as well as the curves of your body, grilles, grates and metal details optical. Is an exceptional job.

These models are constructed by hand and under strict order, you can’t buy them in a mall as you would do with the rest of the models “Made in China”. As it could not be otherwise, also it is customizable: you can charging it with special colors, or by reference to a P1 in particular. For those who can’t afford to buy miniatures that cost as much as a sporty second-hand, McLaren also launched models 1:43, paying tribute to some McLaren P1 “historical”.

Historical in the sense of having been prototypes, pre-production, the replica of the P1 camouflaged or replicas of the P1 silver that marked a time below seven minutes on the Nürburgring. McLaren has also licensed the car to Lego, which sells it as part of your collection Speed Champions, a set less detailed than the Ferrari F40 of the collection Creator, to give you an idea. Revell sells a remote control car scale 1:14, and Scalextric has created its own car slot, that will surely be collectible in a few years.

The cheapest option starts at just 15 euros and is a scale model of Hot Wheels. For my part, I think I would settle with a mock-up of a P1 to a scale of 1:43, thanks. I have not ported as well.

Source: McLaren
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