Have you seen some Volvo S60 Cross Country? with these sales figures, difficult

Volvo S60 Cross Country 2015When Volvo released in 1998 his first V70 Cross Country, started a whole succession of successes. In many markets, these family sobreelevados have been even more successful than their normal versions. Therefore, it is something more than a year the Swedish brand ventured into the Volvo S60 Cross Country, his first saloon sedan-crossover, although not the first in the world.

Began its marketing at nearly the same time that the Volvo V60 Cross Country, and although in the beginning it was going to be a product almost exclusive to the united States, finally decided to commercialize in Europe. But we don’t know if it’s a long life to the S60 Cross Country, on the sidelines of the S60 and V60 are depleting your sales cycle. The sales of this model make it one of the cars more exclusive on the market. Definitely a sighting on our roads.

Volvo S60 Cross Country 2015In the Uk the brand has decided cease the marketing of the Volvo S60 Cross Country, the sedan raised has not been set. From April 2015 only 34 homes in the uk have chosen the Volvo S60 Cross Country, while the variant family has been much more successful, with 478 units. This means that you sell a Cross Country sedan for every 14 families. We are in the background, but what comes next is even worse.

The Volvo S60 Cross Country and its sales in Spain

Volvo S60 Cross Country 2015But the situation of the United Kingdom called the attention… The Spanish is not more encouraging. In the first nine months of 2016 (January-April) only have been enrolled in two units of the Volvo S60 Cross Country, one of them the last month. Instead, the V60 has better acceptance, with 152 units, 42 of them in April. In the case of the V60, the version Cross Country has better acceptance than the body normal, with 28 more units of the body raised.

If we extend the look to 2015, in the past year were enrolled in our country 4 units of the Volvo S60 Cross Country, compared to 153 of the V60 Cross Country and the 553 and 410 of the S60 and V60 respectively.

Volvo V60 Cross Country 2015

The Volvo V60 Cross Country is sold much better

it Is clear that this gamble of Volvo has not taken root. Since then, the base price of 42.880 euros for the diesel D4 with 190 horses it can be one of the reasons that the S60 Cross Country will not have success, as their counterpart family part just under 36,000 euros, with diesel engine of 150 HP and a equipment lower, which opens the range to many more customers. Even so, the equivalent version (D4 Summum) is 2,000 euros cheaper

Prices Volvo S60 Cross Country

Engine Change Finish Price
2.0 D4 190 HP 2WD Manual 6v Summum 42.880€
2.0 D4 190 HP 2WD AT 8v Summum 45.300€
2.4 D4 190 HP AWD AT 6v Summum 47.800€
2.5 T5 254 HP AWD AT 6v Summum 51.175€

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