Have you seen the Renault Alaskan in action? Don’t miss this video

Renault AlaskanAs you know, the first pick-up of the brand of diamond, sold in Europe has come. Its name responds to Renault Alaskan, and essentially is a Nissan Navara with the face of Kadjar. Be that as it may, the presentation of this new model has caused furor among fans of the brand and those that don’t, getting to be one of the topics of the week for anyone who wants a good conversation on the actuality of the four wheels. For you to know more of him, the French brand has just released a video where we can see it in action, and it is that according to what we see the Alaskan is willing to tackle any job.

The video, two minutes long exact, focuses on teaching us the capabilities of the Renault Alaskan in full fatigues, that is to say, the more rude worker. After loading some material this pick-up not for and it comes out of the asphalt to face a land that is not suitable for all models. In the same video shows solvent rolling in a different land, showing that in addition to serving to load is also a faithful companion in low-grip situations. A quality that we are looking forward to testing in the first person.

although, the Renault Alaskan becomes the first pick-up that the French brand sold in Europe. Your goal is clear, to rival the well-known Mitsubishi L200, Volkswagen Amarok, or its cousin, the Nissan Navara. From the latter inherits the main characteristics, showing an aesthetic faithful to the new design language of the company. In the same way, the Alaskan shows that it is a great product for outside and inside, leaving the customer with a complete list of equipment with which to complete the interior of this pick-up.

If you ask for the range mechanics of the Renault Alaskan will be available with two alternative diesel fuel that come out of the inns of 2.3 liters. The less potent it will offer some very correct 160 HP while the most powerful will leave it to the driver 190 HP. To the choice of the buyer will also be the drive system, which can transmit the force to the rear axle to both axes, becoming an all-wheel drive.

Source – Renault