He covered his Volkswagen Transporter T5 with camouflage oxide to prevent theft


Unusually, the owner Volkswagen Transporter T5 decided to cover it with vinyl that mimics rust to prevent theft. We do not know if able to avoid them, but failed to prevent what was that police stop you.


Volkswagen-Transporter-T5-vinilo-oxido-4 H here are many ways protect against car theft , but there is no doubt that the owner of this Volkswagen Transporter T5 has chosen one of the most original. The British decided to take her to a specialized T5 place vinyl stickers to cover it with camouflage that mimics rust and corrosion house.

Imitation oxide to prevent theft.

The finished model looks almost like a work of art, work product specialist Clyde house. The artists who created the work took measures of the vehicle and all its body moldings, depending on create stains and rust and corrosion in the places indicated shaping of the most realistic way possible vinyls used in it.

This allowed the artists to provide a realistic picture, as if the corrosion had attacked the body panels as having been formed by water dripping from the doorknobs, mirrors and pillars.

do not know if indeed served its owner to prevent theft, but three days riding the new decor was arrested by police to check that it was what happened with what appeared to be a badly damaged vehicle.

 Transporter T5 cubierta en vinilo  Transporter T5 cubierta en vinilo





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