He faked the abduction of her son to retrieve your stolen car (and discovered that it is a bad idea)

Happened in Baltimore. An accumulation of absurdities that its author will cost you a huge legal problem. First nonsense. The owner of a Mazda of 2008 (Washington Post) reports that had come out of his car, leaving the engine running and the keys connected, when a stranger came up to his car and took him away. First lesson, never go down of your car leaving the keys inside and the engine running. Second nonsense. Report that when the theft of his small two-year-old was inside the car. The big problem is that at least this part of the story was a lie.

The owner of this Mazda he thought that report that, in addition to theft, there had been the kidnapping of a minor, would get the police of Baltimore to organize a display of search, which could allow faster localization. Not wrong at all. Baltimore mobilized all its troops, and even organised patrols in a helicopter to locate the stolen vehicle, and to the little boy who had apparently been kidnapped.

But the car did not appear, and the authorities would realize a little later that the boy was safe, and completely oblivious to this history worthy of a Tarantino movie, or the series Fargo, in a nursery.


  • Was when the police of Baltimore realized what had truly happened. The mother of the little he had thought that reporting the abduction would allow him to retrieve his car. But, apparently, his car is still gone, and now will have to face the accusation of having made a false report (The Baltimore Sun).

    just in case you were thinking that this mother had a great idea, you have to know that in Spain a false report is punishable – according to the gravity of the offence – with up to two years of deprivation of liberty.

    Via: Jalopnik