Heineken celebrates the arrival of Liberty Media to F1


a few months Ago, Heineken was announced as the main sponsor of the Formula 1 and already in Monza began a series of events and promotional strategies with a view to go to enrich their presence in the category gradually.

The arrival of Liberty Media may change the current landscape, especially at the level of media impact and activation of sponsorships, so that Gianluca Di Tondo, Senior Director of the brand brewery, has met with Bernie Ecclestone to learn first-hand about the new direction things are heading.

These and other things we have known through an interview that di Tondo has granted to the official website of the Formula 1, in which has treated important issues such as its sponsorship strategy and the markets in which they are more interested grow along with the Formula 1.

About Liberty Media

“first of all, we want to understand how they are going to develop things and now we are having conversations with Bernie to see how it will change the situation. The fact that a media company comes to F1 are very good news. Let us never forget that we are talking about the entertainment business. Anyone who has knowledge in that sense will be very welcome”.

Your mission within the Formula 1

“We have two pillars in our commitment to F1: our point of view is that the F1 is much more than a race, it is a three day event and we need people to know what is happening, that’s why we go out to the streets. There is a large distance between the paddock, the Paddock Club and the rest. we Think that our rolo as a beer -and as a sponsor of the F1 – is to create bridges between these two worlds. We have an idea that we would like to try in Brazil, we will discuss it with Bernie (Ecclestone) very soon. Our focus right now is that 2016 is served warm phase of learning”.

The first advertising campaign

“we Wanted to start with someone who is very credible in both worlds. There is No one better than Jackie (Stewart) in terms of credibility and accountability if you talk of ‘when driving, don’t drink ever.” David (Coutlhard) is the incarnation of the ‘More than a race’. It was a successful pilot and is now a commentator and man of business. He lives in Monaco and sail in the night life. Our policy is that we do not want to partner with pilots in active. It is what our programs are about what happens when you retire from the sport at active, we believe that it is better to be connected to one alcoholic drink when you’re retired”.

The markets of interest

“Heineken is very strong in Europe, have been born in Europe and we are a european brand, but the future lies in the Asia Pacific region, is a strategic area for us and having seven runs around that area is fantastic, the passion for Formula 1 in Asia is tangible. If there is a program to split oneself in the united States, obviously, is very interesting for us because it is our largest market”.