Helmut Marko believes that Renault should focus on Red Bull

Marko junto a MateschitzHelmut Marko has despised the team Renault F1. Renault wanted to come back to F1 with its own team and that is why it has made with Lotus, will now have a team in 2016 as in the past, but the technical advisor to the Red Bull does not seem to be taken very seriously to the new computer and do not believe that they are in a position to return with a good way to F1, and therefore considers that the best option for Renault is to overturn their efforts in Red Bull.

But turning or not, I don’t think that Red Bull can do a great job with their engines, TAG Heurer (Renault), as Illien, who will collaborate with Renault in the development of the V6 Turbo hybrid, has said that Renault need at least a year to be able to compete with the Mercedes, something that leaves to think that in 2016 also will suffer a lot. Therefore, perhaps Red Bull is better in terms of chassis and aerodynamics, and maybe to be in front of Renault F1, but I do not think that to do great things.

Carlos Sainz y Verstappen en Toro RossoHelmut has said that “Renault have their own team but we were always a customer that we pay. When I look at the old team Lotus, which is now Renault, I think it would be convenient if Renault apuntase their arrows towards us. With the team we have now, and these pilots, the factory team of Renault will not get virtually nothing.“. So powerful has been shown to Motorsport-Magazine.

On the other hand, has been very positive with Toro Rosso “Using the current engine, Toro Rosso will roll from four to six tenths per lap better. The only problem is that they will have an engine for 2015, which will not be developed. […] If it turns out that the Renault engine does not have obvious improvements, then Toro Ross will be definitely ahead in the first races. […] But I am convinced that the Renault engine, throughout the season, will come at least at the same level as the Ferrari engine.“.