Helmut Marko, with no mercy with Carlos Sainz: “do Not bite the hand that feeds you”


The bomb has exploded, and surely Carlos Sainz does not have very clear the reason, as the Spanish driver has been very careful throughout the year to talk about their future. But, while Red Bull has admitted as normal to the insistence of Sainz in wanting to aspire to a competitive team in 2018, in the last press appearance, attended by the Spanish in Austria, has done to anger the strong men of Red Bull.

The detail has units for anthropological Carlos Sainz described “unlikely” the option to complete a fourth year at Toro Rosso, insisting that it does not want to close the doors of other teams. Immediately, Christian Horner reminded him that he is under contract and he can’t move without the approval of Red Bull.

The next to speak on the subject has been Helmut Marko and, who, true to his style, has been much more explicit and crude in its analysis of the situation. “Is under contract, we have already exercised our option. We have for the coming year and the next, so that will be in Toro Rosso again in 2018. The contract is crystal clear, in Austria we say ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’, said the austrian in statements to Sky Sports.

I Think Sainz is a little confusing. I can see it in his riding, has already made some stupid mistakes

Marko also believes that their performance has dropped as a result of what it considers to be a distraction, even might compare him with his team-mate. “I Think that is a little confusing. I can see it in his riding, has already committed some stupid mistakes. I think he should concentrate on his riding, in the last few races Daniil Kvyat has exceeded him in rank. I have not spoken with him yet, so that may have been a misunderstanding between the Spanish, English, German, or something like that”.


Carlos Sainz, surely, did not expect the reaction of Red Bull to his statements.

as he did Christian Horner, the advisor to the founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz, has reminded Sainz who has paid for his career and gave him a chance in the Förmula 1. “we Went to Mr. Mateschitz and me who put Sainz in Toro Rosso, nobody would have given her a chance. We send you a letter saying that we ran the option contract. Until where I know, and since I’m on Red Bull, the pilot does not decide what is done with your contract. That depends on the boss, which is who is making the decisions”.

Finally, Marko has denied that Ferrari have an interest in Carlos Sainz and points to his father as the main culprit of the rumors around the current pilot of Toro Rosso. “Is what I said last year, when Ferrari come on, we can talk. But I was with Gino Rosato and Maurizio Arrivabene last Saturday and I didn’t mention anything about going to Sainz. Perhaps the father is dreaming too much, is here, speaking with all who will hear him. It is a situation fun”.

But Helmut Marko has not been the only one, because Franz Tost has also spoken on the subject, as the head of the Toro Rosso that is. “is Not a decision of Carlos Sainz, have a contract with Red Bull and it will be they who decide their future”, commented to the press shifted to Austria.

why Red Bull should let him go to another rival team? Sometimes loyalty should be important

Tost has always spoken highly of Carlos Sainz, but in this case has not been afraid to criticize his statements and, like his colleagues, Horner and Marko, he has remembered everything that Red Bull has done for the Spanish. “I’m a little confused by this discussion at this point of the year, because Red Bull has paid for and funded his entire career. Paid season in the Formula BMW, Formula Renault, Formula 3, 3.5 and three years in F1. Why Red Bull should let him go to another rival team? Sometimes loyalty should be an important part of the game”, said Tost.

Will there be a before and an after in the relationship of Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso and Red Bull? In the case of the austrian team, anything is possible from this time.