Help Billy Monger with this crowdfunding campaign!

Billy Monger

We have seen campaigns crowfouding to finance a multitude of projects, especially at a technological level, but this way to donate money and contribute our granite of sand also has a face of solidarity. And that is that there are a multitude of campaigns of this type to help those who need it most, many people who suffer from any disease or serious problem, to research possible cures or make life simpler to a person. In this case, the campaign that we present to you is to help someone in the world of the engine that is not going through its best moment…

Some drivers like Jenson Button, which as we know will take the car of Fernando Alonso to replace him in the GP of Monaco for Alonso to run in the Indy, has already donated a few thousands of euros for this guy. You can also contribute to it by entering the following link on the website JustGiving where it is exposed to the campaign helps Billy Monger. Obviously you do not need you to help with thousands of euros, but if you give the odd euro, best you can, sure that Billy and his family thank you.

A little help from your part don’t mean nothing in this type of solidarity actions, maybe 1 €, 2€, 5€? What were going to do with them, knock back a beer or a coffee…with just that and added to the hundreds or thousands of contributions can help many people. And now I want to take for Multiple Sclerosis or also here, (or the cancer, whatever, but it works) a disease that has no cure, but that could happen in the future, or at least improve the life of those who suffer. I especially live a case of this very closely… I Know that is not the best time to ask, by the crisis and by all the scams that have come out lately on TV pigs without scruples that take advantage of a topic as important as health to earn money, but it is for a good cause.

And returning to the central theme, if you don’t know who is Billy Monger, is a boy of 17 years who has lost both legs by the tremendous accident he had in Donignton in the F4 british after impact brutally with another car that was stopped on the track. After being released and taken out of his car, was rushed to the helicopter to the nearest hospital, but the doctors had to amputate his legs. Like him there are many people with diseases or having a tough time, and I feel the moral duty and ethical to help with this humble article, if read by a single person and collaborates with some cause, that is, I will be satisfied. And if they are more, because there will be a gift for my.