Hembery: “In 2017, it will be like going from GP2 to F1”


There are
a lot of expectation in relation to the cars of 2017, which will be
the first one was much more ambitious in the Formula 1.
new rules will give pilots the ability to roll between
three and five seconds per lap faster than they are able to
do it today

Paul Hembery, head of Pirelli Motorsport, all
could lead to cars with so much grip that it’s difficult to
find the limits, causing a huge leap to assume, in the
practice, to a higher category.

in statements to Autosport, says that
think it will go five or six seconds faster per lap, that
you are going to feel the pilots in a dramatic way. It could be as
. You could feel that the car has both
grip that it would seem that pilot-on-rails in place to do so
to the limit. Not
what we’re going to know until they reach the limits on the track, to
to understand in what place those limits. But
with such improved performance, it is
as you go to another category of competition. Will be like going from GP2
to the F1, so it will be almost like an F1-plus in comparison with the
situation that we have now

the simulator will help a lot to the riders at the time of making
the transition from single-seaters at present to 2017, Hembery
believes that it will take them some time to adapt to the new situation.
“it Will
to bring a little bit anyway, but I’m sure you have
flown in the simulator before getting in the car for the first
time, so that you will already have an idea of the real impact. To
times something like this can bring out the differences in the pilots.
I’m sure the best guys will say that is what they want,
that they want to extend yourself more”

as Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz have already been shown excited
for the new challenge of this change, claiming that it will open a new stage in which physical demand is referred to.