Hembery: “Silverstone will be the ultimate challenge”


So what you think Paul Hembery, head of Pirelli Motorsport, which this year faces a considerable challenge with the introduction of the new tyres that, in addition to being wider and having to support the increased aerodynamic load, should be less sensitive to overheating to allow the pilots more aggressive.

Hembery feels impatient before the start of the season and, in a statement picked up by Crash.net, provides data on the magnitude of the challenge. “I’m excited because it is a change, it is different and it’s going to be a major challenge for the pilots, that’s what they wanted. They are going to have (forces) G additional curves, 25 mph (40 km/h) in some corners, to fund six or seven curves in Silverstone, which will be the real challenge for the drivers”, said Hembery.

Although there has been much talk of the Barcelona circuit, Paul Hembery points out to Silverstone as the track that marked differences of truth with the cars of last year. “Silverstone is so fast and open, the curves are already great in and of itself, will be one of those (circuits) in which the pilot is thrills” said Hembery.

remarkable Increase of G-forces

in this regard, the doctor Ricardo Ceccarelli, which has for many years been linked to Formula 1 through the teams and riders, has explained in statements to Motorsport the increase that is expected to be in terms of forces G. “The introduction of the wider tires and greater downforce considerably increases the performance in the curves. The weight of the head with the helmet it tends to be 7 kg and this year it is estimated an increase of between 20 and 25% of load”, said Ceccarelli, who then explained that “in the curves that were recorded peaks of 4’5 G (in 2016), it will reach 5’5 or even 5’75 G, coming to a total load of about 34 kg in the head of the driver. An increase that the pilots will suffer in every fast corner. Multiply it by the number of curves and we understand the increased burden on the pilot in a single round”.

it is Not surprising, therefore, that the pilots are putting so much emphasis on the physical exercise during the preseason.