Hennessey announces Venom GT Final Edition


Hennessey Venom GT coupé Final Edition.

it May be that in a casual way or not, but Hennessey has announced the cessation of the production of the Venom GT precisely to a few hours of one of the most celebrated copies of the model will be auctioned for a charitable cause, the unit belonging to Steven Tyler, the lead singer and founder of the group Aerosmith.

The copy of Steven Tyler was one of the first Venom GT was delivered, corresponds to the variant Spyder and is available without reservation in the event of Barrett-Jackson this week in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he has been singled out as one of the important pieces of the event.

All proceeds from the sale of the Venom Spyder Tyler, who is the first of the 6 Spyder manufactured, will go to the Janie’s Fund, an initiative created by the singer himself in collaboration with the association of Youth Villages. For the moment not estimate, but the totality of the price that is bid will go to this end. Obviously, the news that there are no more Venom GT available can affect the value of the few copies made, such as that of Tyler.


The copy of Steven Tyler, a Spyder color black.

In total, Hennessey only made 12 copies. half in body coupe and others 6 in variant Spyder, which currently has the label of a convertible fastest production on the planet.

The exemplary color blue that appears in the top image, receives the name Final Edition and is painted in the color Glacier Blue with racing stripe lines of the color white. Account with the V8 engine of 7.0 liters of 1.471 CV (1.451 hp) with a weight of 1,244 kilograms, which gives a ratio of weight-to-power of 0.845 kilos per horse, just beastly.

Its price was 1.2 million, but after the disappearance of the offer, it is more than likely that the 12 copies made, plus a functional prototype, to see as it raises its value.