Hennessey gets an extra spicy Texan brothers Hellcat

Hennessey Performance is characterized by creating top-flight preparations based on mainly American vehicles. The last to join the family Hennessey siblings have been favorites of half the world, the Hellcat twins. Twins take up arms, both equipped with a 6.2 V8 HEMI Supercharged with 707 hp of pure American power. Hennessey is Texan, and more Yankee than the Yankees themselves. Therefore, he has decided it is a good idea to receive power up to 852 hp .

Up to 852 hp. Not bad for two cars whose new price is just $ 60,000.

Improvements fall into two packages known as HPE800 and HPE850 . Both are available for both the Charger to the Challenger. The difference is obvious: just talk about power. Specifically we are talking about 805 hp and 852 hp respectively. There are no published data prestacionales, but with this increase in power would not surprise me they could do the 0-100 km / h in just three seconds .

hpe800-charger-10 I sense that soon we will have time in the quarter mile for this couple. The power increase has been possible thanks to a first rescheduling ECU , accompanied by changes in the lower pulley volumetric compressor, which can now blowing at 1.2 psi . The car also breathes better thanks to improvements in admission, namely a less restrictive air filter, high flow. Simple modifications, if at all.

Aesthetically no news beyond Hennessey emblems and details like the logo of the coach in front of the central headrest.


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