Hennessey has already announced its own version of the Dodge Demon with 1,500 HP


Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 2018.

the story in The most eye-catching of the New York Hall of 2017 has not been another that the word game of the last model of Hennessey Performance, in response to that, in theory, was the undisputed star of the living Room, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

Dodge was a impressive campaign presentation which began at the end of January and that week after week, until the opening of the salon on new york in the month of April, we would be revealing little by little the details of the variant over the wild Challenger SRT, although a few days of the official submission Hennessey was stealing all the limelight baptizing “The Exorcist” (the greatest enemy to human of the devil) to his last creature, based on the Camaro ZL1.

This stroke of genius marketing on the part of the preparer texan not only had a good result, but he scored two goals, the first is obviously to achieve capture the attention of media and fans, in addition to surely the story will linger in the minds of fans for a long time, and finally, he managed to relate to his creation (a simple kit of preparation for the Camaro) to a model that in theory can not be compared, and not only for being a product of a manufacturer, but because the purpose of both models is very different.


Camaro Hennessey HPE1000 “The Exorcist”.

The Camaro, in any of its versions, is a model with a frame much more refined than the Challenger. The model of Dodge in versions SRT, remained faithful to the traditional muscle car american, a model which is very powerful, fast and stable but only in a straight line. So the Demon (or the Hellcat) aims to reduce lap times in a circuit, or to be enjoyed in a day of track days, not even to be enjoyed on a road with curves. traditional schema of raw power and solid axle rear is focused with a single purpose, to be very fast at a drag strip.

however, Hennessey did not leave to escape this opportunity and took advantage of the own presentation of the HPE1000 in New York and the expectation raised for announce fanfare, a new version most radical of the Dodge Demon prepared by Hennessey Performance, less than a week after it was revealed really the model.

The new Demon of Hennessey is already promising an update to severe a whole line of high-performance products for the users of the Demon, which included a system of overfeeding, more radical that could raise the power of the Demon of the 854 CV current up to 1,000 or 1,500 HP. And in response to the (poorly explained by Dodge) alleged prohibition to compete with the Demon on the NHRA, Hennessey will offer all the safety features that are needed to be able to compete, as the roll cage and even a parachute.


Will have to wait to get the pack of Hennessey to the Demon.

If the Demon in its standard version announces a quarter of a mile in just 9.65 seconds, we can wait to fall in 8 seconds after nearly doubling its power.

time wait, as in the first year only will be manufactured to 3,000
copies of the Demon for the united States and these do not begin to
be delivered until after the summer
, so Hennessey would not
his next creature, at least until next year.