Henrik Fisker introduces its new company, and teaser of its next prototype


Henrik Fisker is back with new business and prototype

Hernrik Fisker is back with a new company, “Fisker Inc.” which has nothing to do with the Fisker that we all know, that with capital chinese has become Karma Automotive and has relaunched its model under the new name Karma Revero. The designer of incredible vehicles such as the Fisker Karma original, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Aston Martin DB9 and even participated in the original design of the Tesla Model S is back with a new project that will be based on the electricity and even presents a preview of a prototype that we will know in the coming year.

The new line of work has developed at the margins of the media and will be dedicated to the development of electrical propulsion systems, especially to batteries of new generation. In fact, the new model that we will see soon, it is a “spiritual successor” of the Fisker Karma original that will be released during the second half of 2017.+

Fisker seeks to revolutionize the industry of the electric car

The prototype that has been pre-empted by this sketch in black-and-white will have the capacity to travel about 400 miles -a few 644 km– with a single charge according to the internal testing of Fisker. This first prototype is also characterized by its features and a cabin is especially spacious for their occupants despite how intrusive that they tend to be the batteries on the bodies. The aim of the new Fisker is launching a electric vehicle for under $ 40,000 that exceed their rivals in terms of autonomy is concerned, a fundamental factor in these kind of cars.

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Finsker Inc has a division called Fisker Nanotech dedicated exclusively to the development of new batteries that, although will continue using the lithium will be very different to those used by Tesla. The company says that these new battery packs will provide greater autonomy that the current and an increase of the life of the same resisting a greater number of refills.

In fact, the division Fisker Nanotech is the most important part of the entire business since his final goal is to develop a new generation of packages batteries OEM to act as provider of these other manufacturers. Fisker wants to give a go huge with these containers of energy that says will change the industry to the full. Do too pretentious? What is certain is that the business of selling batteries to other would help to prosper the enterprise and to develop new models own.