Here is a restyling of the Mercedes C-Class, which inherits the technology of the S-Class

sedans cut premium continue to have a privileged place within the car market because, unlike the sedans are generalists, they maintain some sales figures that are quite acceptable. On the 6th of march, in the Geneva motor show, will be formalized the new restyling that the mark of the star has prepared for his saloon media, the Mercedes C Class.

cosmetic changes to the exterior can be counted virtually on the fingers of one hand and it is that, seeing that the philosophy of sharing design between the three sedans from the brand (S Class, E Class and C Class) is working very well, have not wanted to overcomplicate life. At a glance, from the outside, we can appreciate differences in the new headlamps Multibeam LED and in the grid, as well as slight variations of the forms of the bumper.

however, is in the cockpit where they have wanted to perform an update is most notable to this Mercedes C-Class, resulting again very similar to its older brothers. Yes, it is not offered with the dual screen optional (run) that we have already seen in the Class S, Class E and the newly introduced Class of new generation. The dashboard can be completely digital, while the steering wheel is a new bill. Anyway, Mercedes claims to have improved the grades and adjustments interior, something that the Mercedes C-Class previous, stressed and not exactly in a positive way.

there is Also a strong update on the berlin German in terms of systems of driving assistance. By using a multitude of sensors, radars and even data of the navigation system, you can drive semi-autonomous in certain situations. For example, the Active Distance Assist, Distronic adjusts the speed when approaching a junction, roundabout or a curve.

moment we do not have information on the possible variations of the mechanical for the european market, so we will have to wait for the German mark to do so fully official the next day 6 during his press conference in the Geneva motor show.

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